Below is a list of projects that our company has been involved with over the past 3 years, and the details of the work we did at each location.

Academy at Kent County Council, Isle of Sheppey :

Steel reinforcement works to the columns, walls and floor slabs.

The Former North London Mail Centre, Almeida Street, London :

Slabs, columns and retaining walls for a shopping centre, penthouses and car park. Approx 2500 tonne of steel.

East London Turbine Building :

Control room slabs and columns. Turbine transformer foundations.

Thames Water Utilities, Lee Tunnel Diversion NOS Crossing, Jenkins Lane, Barking :

Slabs. 50 tonne of steel.

Thames Water Utilities, Epsom New Reservoir :

Structural Improvements. 50 tonne of steel.

Fortune Green Road, London :

Our company supplied and fixed steel reinforcements for a large underground cark park, apartments and commercial area.

Approx 2000 tonne.

Clarendon Royal Hotel, Graves End :

Labour only. Fitted steel foundations for an underground cark park

Also fitted beams, slabs and reinforced concrete walls on subsequent levels.